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About Sarah​
  • Mother of 2

  • 16 years of teaching preschool

  • Studied music & nursing in Sweden, where I am from

  • Singer-songwriter 

  • I play piano, guitar & ukulele

  • Childrens choir director for 6 years 

I was born and raised in Sweden and am lucky to have been surrounded by music my whole life.
My mom was a music teacher, my dad a minister and my siblings and I would sing harmonies

together with them from a very young age.

We had a piano at home so that was my first instrument. I also studied violin for 6 years. 

As I got a little older I picked up the guitar as it was a lot easier to carry around than a piano and then...learned to play the ukulele which is even lighter to carry!

I started writing songs when I was 12 and am still writing songs as well as instrumental pieces.

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